In recent years, lung volume reduction surgery (LVRS) has become an accepted therapy for patients with advanced emphysema. LVRS involves the removal of diseased portions of the lung in order to enable the remaining, healthier portions of the lung to function better. This invasive surgical procedure, although effective for many patients, is complicated and is accompanied by substantial morbidity and mortality risk.

The AeriSeal System was developed to achieve lung volume reduction using a minimally invasive approach and without the attendant risks of LVRS. With AeriSeal System therapy, a physician uses a bronchoscope to direct treatment to the most damaged areas of the patient’s lungs. The treatment delivers a proprietary Foam Sealant designed to seal and collapse the treatment area, thereby reducing lung volume. Reduction in lung volume creates more space for adjacent healthier parts of the lungs to function more effectively, thereby improving breathing function and quality of life in patients with advanced emphysema.